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Complete Pilot Education

From zero experience to Commercial pilot Licene. All in one package.

Complete Pilot Education

Commercial pilot license with frozen airline transport pilot license gives you all the requirements to start working as an airline pilot.

We offer a complete course, personalized for you. Fast and precise training, suppoerted by your own mentor airline pilot.

The education and training is divided into two brackets. One bracket is at home (if choosen to), The other is mandatory practical training completed in Kalocsa Hungary. The flying is provided by Bestfly HU. We have a great team in Hungary providing excellent training under challenging flying conditions.
The school offers accomodation for an affordable price (400 eur per month).

The training consists of:

Bracket 1:
- Ground training, can partly be completed at home, to save costs.

Bracket 2:
- Simulator training
- 250 Hours Single engine piston aircraft
- Night VFR training
- Instrument Rating training
- Multi engine piston aircraft training
- Examination
- Mentoring after completion of training, in order to accomodate for job opportunities quickly after completion of training

The whole Commercial pilot license can be completed in less than two years, this provides efficient training and lowers your living costs during the training.

Price includes transport to and from Budapest Airport:

55.900 EUR

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