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Facilities and living

Hungary is a safe country with friendly people. Kalocsa is a small-town offering relaxed atmosphere and cheap living. We offer apartments and dorms at affordable prices to all our students. You will be provided with transportation from Budapest Airport to your apartment upon first arrival.

Pilot student in Hungary

Apartment cost

We offer apartments to our students. Both short and long term lease. Short term price is 20 Eur/ night, long term lease is cheaper. There is space for more than one students in each flat, which makes is very affordable.

Food and living cost

To eat out and buy food in Hungary is very cheap. A typical dinner out is around 5-9 euro.


The public transport in Hungary are modern and cheap. Rental cars goes for around 30 Euro/ day. If you share the costs with common student friends, it will be affordable.

More information will be provided to you by your student coordinator.

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