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About Us

Flygerskolen is a platform made to help normal people start their pilot dream. We provide information and student coordination in cooperation with our long time partner Bestfly Hungary. We ensure you will get the cheapest possible pilot education while maintaining a high professional standard. We provide all this without any extra cost!


Our instructors are not just teachers, they are  your friends. Together we operate the biggest fleet in Hungary with 18 aircraft's. The school operates at LHKA airport. Our facilities consists of 2 classrooms, 1 briefing room and a simulator complex. We also offer our own affordable accommodation to students. 


We operate at low costs while maintaining a high safety factor.  We provide our students with a safe and affordable flight school. Many of our students are now flying for the airlines, or as flight instructors. It gives us both pride and joy, to get updates along their career. Join us today for a chat, and realise your dream.


Kalocsa, 6300 HUNGARY


Hans Kristian Dovland, Flight instructor and student coordinator


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