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Education with meaning

The practical part of the training is performed in Kalocsa Hungary.


You will fly Cessna 152 and C172  during the first part of training. The Multi- engine program is currently flown with Piper Seminole.

These aircraft's rely on manual flying skills using mostly analog instruments.

CPL modular course

stage 1

The course starts at our base in Hungary, you will receive classroom lessons and start flying with your personal instructor. Here you will learn precise flying skills, along with correct behavior and attitude around the aircraft. Within 4-6 weeks you will finish the Private Pilots license. It is recommended to read up on the exam subjects at home, before starting the course. Information regarding this will be represented to you well in advance.

stage 2

Stage two of the education includes hour building for the Commercial Pilot license and the EASA ATPL exams. This is the stage where majority of the studying can be done at home. You will be guided through the exam subjects for the CPL, along with your mentor. After the Hour building and EASA exams you will be able to start stage 3 of the education.

stage 3

In stage three you will finish the Multi engine program, night rating and instrument rating. You will have the final practical examination and receive your license. You will be well taken care of, assuring you are well prepared and have the required skills before the practical examination. In- depth detail about everything will be provided to you during the courses.

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