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Exams and subjects

All exams are multiple choice and can be done at any CAA location. Our students do this in Hungary, however this can also be done in your home country. Majority of the studying can also be done at home.

Air Law

The Aviation industry is heavily regulated. It is important that you know what is legal and not.

General Navigation

This subject Teaches you basic "old school" navigation techniques. The shortest route is not always a straight line. Is the magnetic North pole actually at the north pole?

Radio Navigation

Aircraft's these days are highly advanced, using on- board as well as ground based equipment to navigate. This chapter takes you through everything you need to know about radio navigation.


How long runway do you need for takeoff, and at what distance will it take you to reach cruise level? Performance chapter will help you understand.

Aircraft General Knowledge

Pilots need to know their aircraft and it's systems, to use it efficiently. This chapter takes you through the general aircraft knowledge every pilots need to know.


As a race driver you need to know your track. Pilots need to know their sky and it's behavior. Clouds, fog and pressure fronts will make every day different.

Human Performance and Limitations

As a pilot we will receive different environmental inputs. How does the pressure affect your body, and do you react differently to it than others?

Principles of Flight

Physics put in perspective. Aircraft is a flying body through a medium of air, at great speed. Why does the plane have it's characteristic shape, and why can't we fly to space?

Mass and Balance

All aircraft's has it's own weight limit. It is vital that any aircraft is loaded correctly within it's center of gravity location. Learn how to calculate CG and how to load an aircraft correctly.


Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers need to communicate. The communications chapter will teach you how.

Flight Planning and Monitoring

Charts, planning and fuel checks. Pilots need to monitor their aircraft, environment and progress along their flight.

Operational Procedures

This chapter will teach you about normal procedures during line operation. It is important to know operational limitations regarding passenger numbers, flight attendants, and emergency equipment. 

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